Welcome to Winnamore Street…

Here entrepreneurs and investors can discover, connect and transact directly with each other without being forced to go through intermediaries or platform operators

Imagine a platform which gives investors, borrowers, entrepreneurs and service providers – from anywhere in the world – the opportunity to connect and transact, without the fees and time constrictions that standard crowdfunding operators require.

This is Winnamore Street: a place where entrepreneurs can showcase their enterprises to investors, where lenders can discover the next great start-up idea…a place where interactions between those who need funding and those who are able to give it can be carried out directly – with no middlemen or intermediaries.

Winnamore Street isn’t just all about investment and borrowing – as a member you’ll also be able to take part in raising money for worthy causes and donating to charitable organisations. As one of the companies operated by Gainsters Corporation Limited, Winnamore Street is dedicated to the values of non-judgemental and non-intrusive crowdfunding, allowing for a true democratization of capital flow between fund seekers and providers.

Winnamore Street also organizes networking events throughout the world’s major cities – offering members the chance to meet and connect with people who can assist them in growing their start-up or business.