Welcome to Winnamore Street…

Here entrepreneurs and investors can discover, connect and transact directly with each other without being forced to go through intermediaries or platform operators

Imagine a platform which gives investors, borrowers, entrepreneurs and service providers – from anywhere in the world – the opportunity to connect and transact, without the fees and time constrictions that standard crowdfunding operators require.

This is Winnamore Street: a place where entrepreneurs can showcase their enterprises to investors, where lenders can discover the next great start-up idea…a place where interactions between those who need funding and those who are able to give it can be carried out directly – with no middlemen or intermediaries.

At Winnamore Street, you also have the opportunity to enter and vote in our “Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed” Contest – with the winner receiving up to $1,000,000 USD in equity funding. Imagine what your start-up could achieve with $1m funding. For Premier Member investors, this contest gives you the chance to invest early in start-ups which could become the next big names in global business.