Ordinary people, from all over the world, are able to borrow money, invest in promising companies, raise funding for businesses or find charitable causes to donate to, all through crowdfunding websites

Crowdfunding is, in most cases, a three-step-process. The initiator proposes the idea which they require to be financed, individuals and groups who support the idea pledge their support and financial backing until the “crowd” has contributed the amount of money required for the initiator to move forward with the project.

The initiator will usually “pitch” their idea through a business plan – detailing the proposed activities and objectives of the business, with a focus on how the funds raised through crowdfunding will be used.

Potential funders are then informed of what they will receive in return for their investment or contribution, most often laid out in the terms and conditions of the crowdfunding website on which the “pitch” has been promoted.

Crowdfunding almost always takes place online - where a third-party website acts as the intermediary between the initiator and those supporting and investing in the idea. Many of the most well-known crowdfunding websites take a percentage of the total funds raised as payment, or charge a fee - often from both the receiver and provider of the crowdfunds.

Those who have invested in a successful crowdfunded idea are often referred to as early-investors, often seeing the product or service offered by the business before it is released to the general public. It is generally important for the business or individual seeking crowdfunded financial backing to market and promote their idea in a way which makes it as attractive to as many potential backers as possible.

Winnamore Street is a crowdfunding network, but differentiates itself from other platforms by allowing members to connect directly with one another, with no fees or charges for transactions between initiators and the “crowd”. Winnamore Street allows investors to search for projects which appeal to them, as well as enabling entrepreneurs to attractively promote their ideas through unlimited posts.