We believe that entrepreneurs, investors and services providers should be able to communicate directly with one another, so as to find the best connections for their requirements

Winnamore Street is an online crowdfunding network which offers its Premier Members an online location for those looking to secure funding, invest, offer professional services or seek out charitable causes to donate to.

Winnamore Street is operated by Gainsters Corporation Limited (GCL) – a limited liability public company registered in Hong Kong and established to invest in promising start-ups in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space. Innovation in ICT is changing the way industries like Food and Water, Energy, Health and Wellness, Finance, Transportation, Entertainment and e-commerce operate. In particular, ICT has changed the way money is earned and spent. ICT has enabled those who have accumulated capital to invest in or support those who need it to make life better for all of us… without a middleman or intermediary.

As one of the ICT-based businesses that GCL has invested in, Winnamore Street is designed to empower its Premier Members to contact and transact directly with each other – removing the charges and fees which other crowdfunding platforms usually charge.