Enterprise Most Likely To Succeed Contest

The Winnamore Street "Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed" Contest is designed to provide up to US$1,000,000 in equity funding for startup businesses.

Winnamore Street Premier Members voting for contest entries will be guided to evaluate each entry on the following criteria:

In your considered opinion, are the promoters / founders of the startup able to make the proposed business a financial success?

In your considered opinion, is the proposed business of the startup unique in some significant way?

In your considered opinion, will the proposed business of the startup be beneficial to society in some significant way?

In your considered opinion, will the proposed business of the startup be able to achieve the valuation projected by the promoters/founders within five years?

In your considered opinion, has the startup and proposed business of the entrant been adequately and effectively promoted to a wide enough audience of potential investors and potential customers?

Note: In order for a voter to be able to select and vote for a particular startup as their chosen Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed, they would need to be current Premier Members, and have answered YES to each of the above criteria.

In order to enter the competition each participant must ensure the following:

Be a Premier Member of Winnamore Street;

Be a startup business i.e. a business that is just being launched or has been launched but been in business for less than 3 years;

Have successfully posted a request for equity funding to launch or expand the business on the Winnamore Street Crowdfunding Platform and obtained a valid Posting Identification Number (PIN);

Filled out and successfully submitted the startup business for the competition and received a Competition Identification Number (CIN).

In order to be shortlisted and therefore remain in the competition until a single winner is declared, each participant must ensure the following:

Complied with all of the above competition entry requirements; and

Have received at least one hundred (100) votes from other Winnamore Premier Members.

In order to be selected Winnamore Street’s Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed and receive up to US$1,000,000 in direct equity investment, a completed entry should have the following:

Have received the highest number of votes from other Winnamore Street Premier Members; and

Have been accepted by the President of Gainsters Corporation Limited (the owners and operators of the Winnamore Street Crowdfunding Platform) as startups most likely to succeed within the next five years.